Course map and Rules

COURSE MAPRace Course 2013Elivation profileThe course is subject to change.

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The “24 Hours of Mass Destruction” is a team relay and solo mountain bike race. The race will begin at 11:00 am on Saturday and end 24 long, grueling hours later at 11:00 am Sunday. Both team and solo racers will compete for prizes.

This race will include these categories:

  • Solo Men
  • Solo Women
  • Solo Single Speed
  • Duo Men
  • Duo Women
  • Duo Open (Mix of Men and Women)
  • 4 Person Men
  • 4 Person Women
  • 4 Person Open (Mix of Men and Women)
  • Carnival Team:  5 – 10 racers, each racer must complete at least one lap (Mix of Men and Women)

The course will consist of a 14 mile loop including double and single track.

The race will have a Lemans style start and utilize a baton hand off between completions of laps. Each team captain must verify that each team member’s name has been registered on the log-in / log-out sheet by 10:30 am on Saturday. Each racer on a team will receive a number plate. A racer’s number plate must be attached to the bike any time the racer is in the transition area or on the course. Defacing of number plates is not allowed.


Start time for the race will be 11:00 am on Saturday. The race begins with a Lemans style starting procedure. The Lemans style start is used to ensure a safe method for spreading out a large number of racers. All starting racers must have their bikes pre-positioned in the bike racks and be logged-in prior to the start of the race. All racers line up on foot at a start line, and a pistol will be fired. The racers run a designated course and pick up their bikes to start the racecourse.  All racers on deck (those racers who are waiting for their teammates to complete a lap) must be logged into the manual timing sheet no later than 15 minutes prior to their teammate’s completion of the lap.


All racers must conduct themselves in a civilized manner at all times. Use of foul or intimidating language or behavior toward anyone, including other racers or race officials, on or off the course will not be tolerated. Any racer who violates this standard will be penalized. This penalty may include the immediate disqualification of the racer and the racer’s entire team.

Race Director
The Race Director is the ultimate and final authority at the race venue. The Race Director evaluates misconduct complaints, race challenges, protests, and any other issues that arise during the running of this race. Anyone—racer, volunteer, spectator—may contact the Race Director with any concern at any time. We want this event to be fun and safe for everyone!

Course Safety
We reserve the right, at any time, to close the course if it is deemed unfit for racers’ use or safety for any reason. We will evaluate every hour after closure, until we determine it is fit for race continuation. All racers on course during course closure will be allowed to complete the lap they are on. No racers will be allowed to log-out and start the course/leave the transition area during course closure.

On the Course
Only registered racers may be on the course during the race. Racers may provide assistance and support to other racers, either their own teammates or other teams. Any racer who enters the course for such support may only enter the course under his or her own power (on foot or on bike, no motorized vehicles) and may bring equipment and tools. Racers may cannibalize bike parts (not people!) and even swap bikes.

Anyone may use access roads and accessory trails to deliver food and water to racers. Racers stopping to take on food and water, or to eat and drink from their own supplies, must stand off the course trails to give clear passage for other racers.

No littering. Pocket your wrappers, banana peels, and other trash. You can unload your trash in the marked receptacles at the aid station, the transition station, and in other locations at the venue. Any racer who intentionally litters the course will be disqualified along with his or her entire team.

Racers must stay on the designated course. Any attempt by a registered racer to cut the designated course will result in the immediate disqualification of the racer and his or her entire team. A racer who is providing support for another racer must use the designated course to reach the racer in need of assistance.

Call out your intent to pass. Shout out phrases such as “on your left” or “on your right” to let the other racer know your intentions. When a challenging racer calls out an intent to pass, the being-passed racer should call back a response to acknowledge having heard the shout-out. A challenging racer must overtake another racer safely and courteously. A racer being passed must yield to a challenging racer at the first safe opportunity.

A racer pushing a bike (including support racers supplying replacement bikes to racers on the course) must yield the right of way and the most rideable part of the trail to racers riding bikes. A racer pushing a bike may overtake a racer riding a bike as long as this effort does not interfere with the racer who is riding. In the event that two or more racers are vying for position, the lead racer does not necessarily have to yield to the challenging racer though may not attempt to interfere with or impede the challenging racer’s effort to pass. Doing so is unsportsman-like and may result in penalty or disqualification at the discretion of the Race Director.

Each racer is responsible for his or her lighting system and battery supply. Each racer must have at minimum:

  • a primary light rated at a minimum of six watts or 150 lumens
  • a secondary or back-up light such as a small flashlight or headlamp
  • A tail light or reflector

Racers entering the course after 7:45 pm and before 5:30 am must have lights mounted and be able to demonstrate that they are properly functioning. Racers must have their lights burning between 9:00 pm and 5:15 am. Riding with lights off between these times in an effort to conserve energy is dangerous and will not be permitted. Any racer found riding with lights off will be disqualified along with his or her entire team. Racers may turn off and remove their lights after 5:30 am. All lights on/lights off times are subject to change depending on weather conditions. Announcements of the exact times will be made during the race.

A neutral charging station will be provided for all racers. All racers should label their batteries and chargers with their names. “24 Hours of Mass Destruction” will not be responsible for lost or stolen equipment.


The Transition Station is located at the start/finish area. Each racer must log-out with the Race Registrar when entering the race course for his or her lap and log-in with the Race Registrar when returning from a completed lap. Only team members, event staff, and volunteers are allowed in the Transition Station while the race is in progress.

Each team will receive a team baton that each racer must carry for his or her lap. The Race Registrar will take the baton from the incoming racer when recording the log-in time and then pass the baton to the racer logging out. The racer must have the baton before beginning his or her lap. It is important for teams to make sure each of their racers is logging out and in correctly to receive credit for the lap.

The log-out time for the incoming racer is the log-in time for the next racer to go out on the course regardless of whether or not that racer is present to receive the baton. Solo racers and other racers continuing for another lap must still hand over the baton to the Race Registrar and have it handed back prior to beginning the next lap. If a racer fails to do this, only one lap will be recorded. Any team who loses its baton will receive a five-minute penalty.

A racer who enters the course must complete his or her lap. Racer substitutions may only be made at the Transition Station. In the event that a female racer on a four-person team with only one female racer should have to withdraw from the race due to injury or illness, she must have completed two laps in order for that team to qualify to continue in the race. Should a team in another category lose a teammate for the entire race to injury or illness that team may continue to compete.

A new racer may restart the lap of the current team racer’s under these circumstances: if the current racer is incapacitated on the course; or if the current racer’s bike is deemed mechanically unsafe. Any racer subbing in in the middle of the other racers lap will be listed at the start time of the rider on the course. If a team cancels a racer’s lap and starts the lap over with a new racer, a new baton will be issued without a penalty. However, the team’s original baton must subsequently be returned to the Race Registrar. The log-in time recorded for the racer failing to complete the lap will be used as the log-in time for the new racer.

Race protests must be in writing and submitted to the Race Director any time after the race but no later than 15 minutes after the final race result postings. Only team captains may submit protests. A $20 cash deposit must accompany each protest. Protests should describe the incident in detail and include names, plate numbers, and other identifying information of participants and witnesses to the incident. The Race Director will make an immediate ruling on the protest. Should the ruling be against the team lodging the protest, the deposit will be forfeited. If the ruling is in favor of the team and the is protest upheld, the deposit will be refunded. The Race Director will make all final rulings.


The ending time for the race is 11:00 am on Sunday. If a racer logs-in from a lap prior to 11:00 am, another racer must log-out for a final lap or the team will be registered as a “DID NOT FINISH” (DNF). So if you really don’t want to do another lap and your team isn’t in contention for an award then take a nap, talk to the animals, or go see a man about a horse, and log-in after 11:00 am.

Racers may log-out for a final lap until 10:59 am. Any racer still on the course after 11:00 am is on his or her final lap and will log-in after completing the lap. The final finishing places will be determined by the total number of laps completed and the order in which each team completed the final lap.