Rider tips

Here is a list of tips for success. We want to make this enjoyable for everyone. We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t like riding our bikes.

  • Arrive at the course as early as you can. For better odds on a campsite. Camping area opens at noon on Friday June 28th. Friday night campers must arrive by 11 pm; the gates close at 11 pm. Camping check-in re-opens Saturday morning from 7:00 to 9:00 am.
  • Packet Pick-up. Packet Pick-up will be available for early pick up at The Broken Spoke in Port Townsend on Tuesday (25th), Wednesday (26th) and Thursday (27th) from 9 am to 6 pm. Packets will be available to pick-up on site Friday night from 5 pm to 9 pm. Late packet pick-up is available with a bribe from 8 am to 10 am on Saturday.
  • Pre-ride the Course. It allows you to know what you’ve gotten yourself into… You’ll be able to prepare for what will happen each lap throughout the race.
  • Water. Please bring water. While there will be potable water available for drinking, we cannot guarantee there will be enough for the entire weekend.
  • Bring Clothes to Accommodate. Daytime highs: 66 degrees / Night time lows: 50 degrees. It may rain… it’s the Pacific Northwest! It may be muddy… it’s the Pacific Northwest! It may be hot and sunny…it’s the Pacific Northwest! You get the idea.
  • Food. Bring what you need to race. Onsite vendors will have food and beverages for purchase. All food pricing is reasonable. Bring cash.

    *Bagel Bob’s will be there with good eats all weekend.

    *Java Gypsy coffee will be available for your caffeine addiction.

  • Bike Parts & Accessories.  Various shops and industry vendors will be on site to assist you with all your bike needs. Don’t forget your bike lights for your night laps.

  • Have a support person. Soloists are required to have one, but teams greatly benefit from it. Preferably, this person should know you and your riding ability. This person will be able to tell you when to eat, sleep and bike. They may even provide some comic relief or encouragement when you can’t get your butt out of your sleeping bag for your middle of the night lap. This is a tough course, and you want to focus all your energy on the race…
  • Please, no pets allowed. We truly appreciate your cooperation.

  • Need a Team? Check out this link on Facebook and use this as a forum to find others who might need teammates.


Any questions we haven’t addressed? Send us a note!  thebrokenspokept@gmailDOTcom