All coed teams must have a minimum one person of the opposite sex AND each person on the team must complete a minimum of one night lap. On a coed team, no team member may complete greater than two laps more than any other team member.

Each team must designate a team captain. All correspondence for a team before, during and after the race must be conducted through, and only through, the team captain. Team captains are required to attend the pre-race meeting; however, we encourage you to invite your entire team to the meeting as an opportunity to clarify any questions.

All teams must provide a volunteer for a 4 hour shift. Volunteers are very important to the success and safety of the race. If your volunteer fails to show up for her/his shift, your team will be penalized one hour. Please do whatever you can to provide your volunteer! For full volunteer information, see the “Volunteers” page. Thank you.

We cannot provide assistance in finding team members. Please follow this link to Facebook for a place to post. 24hrMD


All racers registering in the Solo category must provide a support person. Soloists are exempt from providing one volunteer for a 4 hour shift. Soloists are required to attend the pre-race meeting.

Juniors (Racers under 18)

Juniors may compete in any category with a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. If a team comprised entirely of Juniors decides to participate, excellent! We just require that one parent of a Junior team member is present at the venue for the duration of the race. All riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. “24 Hours of Mass Destruction” will strictly enforce these requirements.

Juniors teams will still be in competition with adult team categories. At this time, we are unable to have Juniors Divisions.

Need a Team?

Check out this link on Facebook and use this as a forum to find others who might need teammates.